Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Today's Discovery

I let my daughter down today by not babysitting her holy terrors whom I love very much. My lame reason was to go help her brother put a new starter on his raggedy old truck. He looked like he fell in an oil barrel by the time he got out from under it and this is after he has worked 50 hours this week. I have been so popular today!

I did not get breakfast or lunch today, but not to worry... I read mom's journal about an hour ago where she reminded me I was too fat. Shows to go ya things written in journals will come back to haunt ya. Wish mom could see me now.

I had just returned to the office when the culvert man came and asked to be taken to the property to instruct where the driveway would be placed. That done I thought I would just take out the brush so dozer man could see clearly where to put the drive in. While my new renter, the wren in her nest looked on, I began. To my extreme happiness I found several stumps that had decayed, squealing with joy while my neighbor thinking me demented I scooped the precious contents up and placed it lovingly around the tender crepe myrtle bush the wren lives in. She very much approved, she sang as I worked. A job well done I am sure she said.

The moisture dripped off my head in the summer afternoon heat, I saw bright yellow wild flowers and I ate a single blackberry as I snipped. Lots of wild grapes in my private jungle. Then..... what in the world is that? There was an oak treek sprout about 8-10 inches tall. I saw something brown attached to the stem 6 inches or so off the ground, two oaks had these. I thought I knew nature and the wonder of it all but this I had not seen. I studied it and it looked tan, like a hot dog bun but only about 3 inches long, and three in a circle around the stock of the tiny tree there were tiny pin holes all over it as well. What in the world was it? Gut instinct was a possible fungus... yet it looked like built by design. I thought perhaps secretions of an insect varity. I had seen a mantis close by as I chopped... good old internet solved the clue. We are expecting little ones. How wonderful nature is, everyday a new surprise.

So a fast supper of homemade potato soup the senior cheater's way. Frozen southern style hash browns boiled in water, salt and pepper to taste, 4 green onions, half stick of Imperial margarine or butter... when the water cooks down a bit add the milk, cook to desired thickness... all takes my famous 20 minute meals. While that is cooking make a grilled cheese or other favorite skillet sandwich or pocket bread. Yummy. Great day to oudoors -- much renewal power.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Welcome to My World!

Welcome to my world... Today consists of ticks that get into places they shouldn't and chiggers that make you itch too much, oh and don't forget the poison ivy! Because I, crazy me, have purchased a piece of wild woodland that I am trying to make spaces in for pools and birdbaths and the ticks don't want to move over. When I get the medicine on and stop scratching I'll write more! (But wait until you hear about the wildlife there!)